ELUX homelifts

Travel in style and with ease within your home with out elegant Residential Elevator, and enjoy whre you live both now and in the future

Product details

Featuring large vision panels in a clean frame, custom LED ceiling lights with optional colour choice, and one touch internal controls, the Residential Elevator is an impressive addition to any home.

Providing smooth and quiet through-floor travel, the elevator includes external controls on both floors, and is equipped with our new Italligent Logic Diagnostic Display offering a wealth of benelifts to the user.

This innovatory digital control system displays lift functions during travel and a simplified fault diagnostic, allowing most operational issuses to be easily resolved automatically or over the phone with our support team.

Designed to be easily installed in a wide range of homes,the Elux homelifts is available in a range of sizes and with a travel distance up to 4.2 metres - one of the longest offered on the market.

Manufactured to the highest safety standards and with a range of optional extras, the Elux homelifts is the ultimate choice for adding value to your lifestyle at home.