Wire rope


Rounder than 6-strand ropes, i.e. more contact points rope to groove

Deformable in cross-section, i.e. the new rope adapts a little bit to slightly worn out grooves

Easy to install

Product details

Application range:

  • The rope construction 8 x 19 Seale, see drawing, is without doubt the worldwide most common traction drive suspension rope.
  • This rope is successfully used in diameters up to 13mm as a governor rope.
  • Anyway, 8-strand ropes with natural fibre core is the most common solution for the normal traction drive elevator.
  • The rope quality of this rope construction depends on the quality of the fibres and the resulting fibre core. This is the reason, why DRAKO is only using DRAKO-made fibre cores.


  • uncoated
  • prestreched
  • preformed

Rope gade: 1770

Rope core: IWRC

Elastic elongation - at 10% of the MBL: ≤ 0.12 %

Permanent elongation - acc. to DIN 51201: ≤ 0.15 %