Wire rope


The strand construction of DRAKO 300T is dependent on the rope diameter to optimize fatigue bending performance and wear resistance.

very round cross-section

blue DRAKO-Marking-Line for an easy installation

many thin wires, hence very flexible with good bending performance

high flexural performance

low elastic and plastic elongation

robust during installation due to its proven IWRC-design

Product details

Application range:

  • DRAKO 300 T is the most efficient solution as suspension rope for high and very high elevators and for all traction drive elevators with many deflection sheaves.
  • This rope is successfully used in diameters up to 13mm as a governor rope.


  • preformed
  • uncoated
  • prestreched

Alternative design: on request galvanized, some diameters galvanized ex stock

Rope gade: 1570 or 1770

Rope core: IWRC

Elastic elongation - at 10% of the MBL: ≤ 0.11 %

Permanent elongation - acc. to DIN 51201: ≤ 0.15 %