Wire rope


8-strand steel core rope

Blue DRAKO-Marking-Line for an easy installation

Very rounded rope cross-section

Very high flexural performance

Unrivalled large metallic filling factor

High cross-stability

Very low elastic and plastic elongation

Very high breaking strengths with rope grade 1570 already

Super quiet smooth run


Product details

Aplication range:

  • Suitable for systems with large loads and high demands not just on precision stopping for loading and unloading procedures but also terms of ride comfort.

Special technical feature:

  • Thanks to the compaction of the strands, the metallic cross-section is additionally enlarged. This, in turn, leads to a further increase in breaking strength as compared to non-compacted double-parallel ropes. Moreover, the compacted outer strands are well-rounded and go easy on traction and deflection sheaves.
  • The run is particularly quiet, which thus enhances ride comfort. Due to compaction, rotation is reduced during the installation process