Wire rope


9-strand double-parallel steel core rope

Very round cross-section

High flexural performance

Unrivalled large metallic filling factor

High cross-stability

Very low elastic and plastic elongation

High breaking strengths

Product details
Application range:
  • Suitable for systems with high demands on precision stopping for loading and unloading procedures.
Special technical feature:
  • This is the strand design of the time-proven DRAKO 300 T, here with a double-parallel rope. The wide metallic cross-section leads to highe rbreaking strengths and reduced elastic and permanent elongation.
  • The simplified stranding process with double-parallel ropes leads to a different rope behaviour during installation compared to our independently stranded IWRC ropes.


  • uncoated
  • preformed
  • prestreched

Rope gade: 1570

Rope core: PWRC

Elastic elongation - at 10% of the MBL: ≤ 0.1 %

Permanent elongation - acc. to DIN 51201: ≤ 0.13 %