CMA lifts

CMAlifts was set up on 3rd January 2001 from an ambitious and far-sighted vision by the brothers Giulio and Gaetano Caputo. They had simply thought of something which had not been there before: a company completely devoted to the customer, emphasizing the quality of their achievements.

CEO Benelifts and CEO CMA Lifts in 2020

It is through this simple formula that CMAlifts has become a leading company in the design, manufacturing and assembly of lifts and hoists for private and industrial use.
Throughout the years, the market size in which CMAlifts has been operating has exponentially grown, which demanded a carefully planned business development strategy that led to the recent 2016 inaugural ceremony of the new and futuristic company headquarters furnished with high technology equipment. Since 2010, CMAlifts has rolled out new offices in Italy, thus expanding their business influence in Rome, Naples, Palermo and Milan. CMAlifts’ constant attendance at the most important trade fairs of its sector, has enhanced the group's strength, giving the company more visibility at international level. A real industrial enterprise with the heart of a craftsman, CMAlifts has kept its focus on blending revolutionary hi-tech solutions with the excellence and expertise of their personnel’s skills.
CMAlifts believes in putting people first. For that reason, we like to mould customers’ needs into the perfect solutions for their projects.

CMAlifts’ highly skilled work method is the pivot around which both design and production stand out, through order management and on site delivery. No aspect of the business is outsourced (including logistics).
CMAlifts' progress has founded its ground basis on high quality products and attention to detail for customer’s specific needs.


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CMA lifts
CMA, THE COMPANY CMAlifts was set up on 3rd January 2001 from an ambitious and far-sighted vision by the brothers Giulio and...