Introducing ITG Geared machine


Our range of traction units is made up of four models of electromechanical machines, the ITG 134, ITG 135 and ITG 136, designed for loads between 320 and 800 Kg. In suspension 1: 1 and up to 1000 Kg. In suspension 2: 1.

The range of electromechanical machines is completed with the ITG 160, for loads between 800 and 1250 kg. in suspension 1: 1 and up to 2600 Kg. in suspension 2: 1, carrying the static load up to 5200 kg, with very compact dimensions not only for MRL installations, but also to facilitate the use of the machine. Our machines have been designed for MRL installations and are extremely compact and much smaller than machines of the same category from other manufacturers.

ITG machine highlights include:
MRL installation in four different positions (two vertical and two horizontal);
there is no need to stock both right-hand and left-hand machines, since they can be modified hand-held in a few minutes;

Static load of 3,400 kg. for ITG 134 and ITG 135, and 5,200 kg. for ITG 160, the top of the sector industry standards;
Motor shaft in lower position when the machines are installed in a horizontal position and gears immersed in the oil even when the machines are in a vertical position, allowing the use at low speeds without the risk of compromising the useful life of the gears.

Oversized electromagnets for lifts with long travels, to have maximum reliability in any working condition.
The electromagnet body is made of cast aluminum with external cooling fins, to ensure its own cooling;
total lack of oil leaks, thanks to specific design characteristics, the assembly technique and the materials used;

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